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Are you planning a big birthday party in Fairmile and want to treat your friends to a night of fabulous fun?

Well you’ve come to the right place!  A bouncy castle at an adult party is just as popular as a bouncy castle at any children’s party in Fairmile.  Reclaim the childhood joy of bounce in your adulthood with our bouncy castle hire that is made for adult Fairmile bouncers.

Don’t worry about the aesthetics – our adult bouncy castle comes in a low key black and grey design decorated with festive red and gold balloons and stars.

And if you want to run with it, why not have a retro birthday party and theme it around reliving the best of your childhood. The bouncy castle hire is a great start but you could let your imagination run free and give your Fairmile friends a real taste of those old childhood days:

  • Make it a fancy dress affair and ask your guests to wear fashions from the 70s or 80s.
  • Bring in some of your favourite childhood treats – jelly, dib dabs, KP Choc Dips, candy necklaces
  • Play the music from that era, be it Wham!, Michael Jackson or MC Hammer and bounce along.

Get in touch with Benfleet Bouncy Castle hire and make your Fairmile birthday party a night for you and your friends to remember.

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