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When you hire a bouncy castle from Benfleet Bouncy Castle hire for your Southend-on-Sea event you can be assured that our bouncy castles comply with the latest safety requirements.

Before going out to your Southend-on-Sea party, get together or community event the bouncy castle hire will be checked and cleaned thoroughly.

When we deliver the bouncy castle to your Southend-on-Sea venue we will take you through some basic safety precautions giving you all the information you need to maintain a safe play environment and to enhance the fun.

We will also ensure that the bouncy castle is set up in your Southend-on-Sea venue with the right amount of clearance, appropriate anchorage and shock absorbing mats around the exit points.

Benfleet Bouncy Castle hire can even provide someone to supervise the bouncy castle at an hourly charge while it is in use at your Southend-on-Sea event if you don’t have anyone who can do that for you.

We want everyone who uses our bouncy castles to enjoy the fun of bouncing around happily.  That is why we take safety seriously and give you all the advice and help around using a bouncy castle you need to make sure your Southend-on-Sea event is a success.

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